The Largest Work From Home Experiment - Mastered. 

A globally distributed workforce doesn’t have to be fraught with challenges. At Cognizant Softvision, we’ve mastered the concept by building on agile efficiency, reinforcing the foundational principles of communication and collaboration and ensuring that continuous delivery momentum is never compromised.


How can Virtual Pods help your company achieve results in this new business environment?

A Model Built for Distributed Software Delivery.

For decades, our proven Pod model has defined successful software product delivery for our clients, continuously delivering for today’s businesses - from anywhere in the world.

We’ve led software product development with our Pods model for globally dispersed teams for years now, improving talent and improving projects. Our Virtual Pods are an extension to the delivery team structure we’ve excelled at.


Mastery at the Core

Historically, traditional enterprises have struggled to make virtual environments work. But the Cognizant Softvision team has revolutionized software development based on a culture that has mastered community, communication, engagement and security to see reliable, tangible outcomes from each Pod engagement. 


WIth virtual Pods, we've developed standards and practices that provide continuity through:

Community is at the center of great team engagement. Within Virtual Pods, community connection is intimately considered within the daily functions of the distributed team. 


Communication drives more than information sharing. Proper communication -- built with distributed teams in mind -- keeps projects on track, stakeholders engaged, and more.


KPI-focused, activity-monitoring, and continuous improvement journeys for the Pod (and each team member) is vital to ensuring great output for great distributed team results.


A Guarantee of Trust and Tested-Standards.

GoP-logoGamifying Agile Team KPIs

We’ve built a KPI engine for agile development - Game of Pods. Virtual Pod members are recognized and rewarded for their collective and individual contributions creating a cultural connective tissue that engages beyond the Pod. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 12.51.37 PMIronclad Security Practices

Distributed teams don't have to mean compromised security. We’ve got ironclad security planning which includes VDI & Data loss prevention, backup and recovery, training and compliance, VLAN work environment segregation, NetSec and firewalls. 

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